Fruits for Breakfast and Staying on Track


Who would have thought that I’d grow up and want to eat healthy without anyone forcing me to do so?! haha. A huge bowl of your favourite fruits, the easiest and quickest breakfast. What are you munching on for breakfast?

If you eat enough fruit for breakfast you will not need a coffee because the natural fruit sugars keep the brain sharp and energised. I sure need to cut down on coffee( but oh it’s so good!!). I love to add flaxseed and hempseed on my fruits and sometimes top it with some agave nectar or maple syrup (oops!) It’s just so good and healthy, you have to try it!


Good food will change you from the inside out. I’m more aware of my surroundings and of what’s happening in the world. I became more accepting of who I am and now I know that numbers on the scale don’t define me. Having said that, I haven’t been taking care of myself the last 2-3 months and it’s showing physically and mentally. I have had less energy, more anxiety and that has made me unproductive and not wanting to do anything. We all have lower points in life and that’s ok but it’s important that we get back up and keep moving towards ours dreams. It’s ok to fall but you’re not meant to stay there! 

I can already feel a big difference after a week of working out and being more active and eating well. When most people start working out and eating healthy it’s mainly because they want to look better but once you start, it becomes so much more than that. In my sweat sessions I get to deal with emotions that I tend to ignore and I take them head on instead of ignoring them. When I work out I get to mediate and clear my head and by the time I finish I have this feeling of accomplishment that I’m a step closer to where I want to be.

For some reason, I’ve always looked up to long distance runners. Maybe what caught my attention is their dedication to push so hard when their body and mind tells them to stop. It’s so important to set a goal and have a plan because it will help you to stay on track and keep you motivated.

I’m excited to get my fitness level up in the next few weeks/months, improve myself! The best is yet to come.


You can find me on Insta @fit_is_luxury



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