My Healthy Eating Philosophy


Hi 🙂

I want to inspire you to approach healthy eating in a positive way without ever feeling restrictive. Most of us would like to be healthier. But we can’t expect the supermarkets to let us know what healthy is because they will offer the unhealthiest of foods as long as it sells and they make money. It’s also important to know that it is not all about how we physically look, but also about how happy, fit and balanced we are. Healthy people are happy people and happy people are the most beautiful and inspiring people I know.

We shouldn’t make the healthy diet our main focus in life but instead use the benefits we get from eating that way to perform better in all other parts of life.

My suggestion is to aim for health and not for losing weight. I know it sounds easier said than done because weight is a big issue and many people are searching for a quick fix to lose weight but we have to remember that as long as we treat out body right and we give it the freshest ingredients( a lot of fruits and vegetables), the weight loss is going to come naturally. Leaving out meat, dairy products and processed foods will automatically make you fit, lean and healthy.

High carb vegan diet is the best for long term weight loss! You need to give your body time and be a little patient. Focus on eating high carb low fat, the more raw fruits and vegetables the better, cut out salt as much as you can and do cardio a few times per week to get that heart rate up and burn fat.
The longer you are on this vegan lifestyle the more benefits you will have! And you will definitely be able to lose some weight while eating as much as you want which is the key point about this lifestyle!


Stick to the basics: bananas, apples, any fruits that are in season, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, lentils, carrots, pasta, beans, oats, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, dates … 

Eat Simple

The plant based lifestyle is all about eating in abundance and never restricting yourself because we need to think long term.


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